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Brad Edson

Business & Entrepreneurship

About Brad Edson

With over 40 years of experience with mergers and acquisitions, Brad Edson has facilitated the funding of both public and private companies. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona Mr. Edson currently sits on the board of several companies, including a private investment firm that holds interests in Digital Media Companies, a National Restaurant chain, and a nationwide pharmacogenetic diagnostic lab testing company, with additional toxicology capability.

A graduate of Arizona State University, Mr. Edson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, with a career that has spanned invitations to the White House to participate in ongoing roundtable discussions with a number of other CEOs, spearheaded by the White House Chief of Staff on corporate community involvement. Mr. Edson’s firm was singled out to be a lead speaker due to their accomplishments with community service efforts in the United States and on international fronts.

Throughout his career, Brad Edson has served as the Chief Executive Officer of 2 public companies, and in 2010 he Co-Founded Stat Doctors, an early adopter and pioneer in Telemedicine. The company was acquired by a Nasdaq Company in 2015.

Prior to 2003, MR. Edson created a nationwide speciality property and casualty business, having held individual licenses in over 35 states.

Brad Edson has also served as a Member of the International Association of Financial Planners, and he was a longstanding Member of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization and the World Entrepreneurs Organization.

Brad Edson holds multiple patents for various inventions, bio-pharma applications, and medical processes. His work has earned him humanitarian awards for initiating and sustaining feeding programs throughout the world for starving and impoverished third-world children. He received the Happy Hearts Humanitarian Award from Petra Nemcova’s Foundation in 2007. Mr. Edson has also worked closely with the Feed the Children Charitable Organization to initiate programs to starving and malnourished children in Africa and Indonesia.

In his spare time, Brad Edson is a competitive downhill skier and mountain climber. He loves getting outside and staying active, a nice change of pace from the more analytical bent of his day-to-day career.

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